Please do not advise the union members you are referring to come to Labor Community Services as a walk-in.

Here is a list of additional agencies that may be able to assist the union member(s) you are referring:

  • 211 L.A. County – An information and referral service that links those in need to social service agencies that can help. The union member simply dials 2-1-1 from their phone (or 800-339-6993). You can also search the 211 database via their website -
  • For union members that reside outside of L.A. County, please visit: to determine if their county has a 211 service.
  • West Angeles Community Development Corporation Emergency Services Assistance – When able they provide rent/mortgage, utilities, emergency travel, transportation and food assistance – 323-733-8300 x2370 or x2371
  • Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc. – Agencies vary by region. A program directory can be found here -, and the main office can be contacted here - (213) 251-3400 
  • American Red Cross Los Angeles – Provides disaster relief (i.e. after a house fire or transportation accident) – 800-675-5799
  • New Directions, Inc. – The resource is only available to veterans. They provide rent and utility assistance – 310-914-4045 x123
  • HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) – A program available to low-income residents of L.A. County having trouble paying their LADWP and Gas Company bills. The program has multiple requirements, and you must determine which HEAP agency assists the union member’s zip code. More information on requirements, and determining the agency for your union member can be done -
  • Both the Gas Company and Southern California Edison low-income customers may contact the utilities directly to find agencies that can assistance with their bill via the Utility Assistance Program. Please note these programs run periodically throughout the year. Southern California Edison – 800-655-4555; Gas Company – 800-427-2200
  • For emergency food assistance in L.A. County, please visit to locate a food pantry in the union member’s neighborhood.

Keep in mind, Labor Community Services cannot guarantee that the above mentioned agencies will be able to assist the union member. This list simply serves as a tool for navigating union members toward additional resources.

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